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Lokuno Kitten Chicken in Gravy 85g Pouches provide healthy amounts of protein,

sources of energy and many functional ingredients for your kitten.

Lokuno meets the nutritional requirements that puppies need to support normal growth and the development of bones, muscles and organs. Available in a 3kg and 15kg.

A terrific dental toy range, great for massaging and soothing sensitive puppy teeth and gums.

Satisfies your puppies chewing instinct and encourages play.

A fast, powerful and effective range for the removal of pet stains and odours, these products will help clean up after those little ‘accidents’ and are ammonia-free, so will not replicate the smell of urine.

A stylish every-day collar with a side release for your puppy, which can be adjusted, as they grow.

Perfect for attaching ID tags and taking your puppy for a walk.

Freshen up your puppies coat with Purl

conditioning coat spray. Can also be used on a kitten's coat

Ultrum Original Shampoo can be used for even the youngest puppies and kittens. Also treats against ticks and fleas.

Try the Marltons Cat Scratching Block - teaching your kitten to use a scratch post from an early age will deter your kitten from destroying your furniture.

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