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Mobiflex Powder

Product Details:


If your dog or cat is stiff-limbed and struggles to get into bed or up the stairs, it's time for MOBIFLEX. MOBIFLEX has four different natural substances to help get their joints working properly again. Its natural anti-inflammatory effect enhances mobility and eases stiffness. Among other essential ingredients, it contains GlycOmega Green Lipped Mussel Concentrate from New Zealand - five times more powerful than ordinary green lipped mussel extracts. MOBIFLEX also contains low molecular weight Chrondroitin sulphate, Glucosamine and ultra-pure MSM (methyl sulphonylmethane). Effective, safe and natural MOBIFLEX can be given on a continuous basis without side-effects.

Directions for use:

Give daily, mixed in or sprinkled over food.


Each 5g contains 500mg glucosamine hydrochloride, 600mg chondroitin sulphate, 500mg methysulphonylmethane (MSM), 200mg GlycOmega green lipped mussel concentrate, 5mg manganese, 30mg ascorbic acid.

Can be used for:

Cats (Kitten, Adult, Senior)
All breed sizes
Dogs (Puppy, Adult, Senior)
All breed sizes